STAY PLASTIC FREE is a campaign aimed at taking single use plastics out of the hotel industry. Using EDITION as an industry standard, we will inspire and influence other hotels brands and hospitality professionals to switch to cost effective non-plastic alternatives.

Swill offer a library of plastic alternative vendors and contacts for everything from plastic mini bars to coffee cups, straws, water bottles, bathroom amenities and food containers, to name a few.

STAY PLASTIC FREE will produce a short film highlighting the impact of single use plastic from the hotel industry on the environment.

The Issue

In 2018, It is estimated that 8 million tons of plastic will end up in the world’s oceans - That’s one garbage truck full every minute.

The Impact

Plastic debris will cause the death of more than one million seabirds this year.

The Initiative

EDITION hotels will be 90% single use plastic free by the end of Q1, with the intention of being 100% single use plastic free by the end of 2018.

  • 5.25 TRILLION


    There are more particles of plastic in the ocean than there are stars in the galaxy, and by 2050 there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

Looking back at 2017...

EDITION recognizes the problem. In 2017 alone, The London EDITION used... 67,000 plastic water bottles for staff 120,000 plastic water bottles for turndown 30,000 plastic sports bottles for the gym 500,000 plastic straws (1,369 per day). If the straws we used were lined up in a row, this equates to 63 miles or 101 kilometers – that’s further than the distance from London to Brighton or 10 times around New York City’s Central Park.

Looking ahead to 2018

At the London EDITION, we will:
67,000 staff plastic bottles usedTo be replaced by water fountains and every staff member has been provided with a stainless-steel water bottle.
120,000 plastic turndown bottles usedTo be replaced with plastic alternative (cans)
30,000 sports bottles for the gymTo be replaced with plastic alternative (cans)
500,000 straws (1369 per day) usedTo be replaced by paper straws.

EDITION hotels will be 90% single use plastic free by the end of Q1 and 100% single use plastic free by the end of 2018.

  • EDITION has removed plastic straws from ALL food & beverage outlets. If someone requests a straw, we provide them with a sustainable paper one.
  • The Miami Beach EDITION has replaced all disposable beach containers with bamboo products.
  • EDITION is making the move from all plastic water bottles to cartons of JUST WATER.
  • Instead of providing plastic water bottles to EDITION staff, we have implemented water fountains in the back of house and have purchased reusable stainless steel bottles for all staff members.
  • All plastic products have been removed from EDITION’s mini bars.
  • At The London EDITION, our coasters ae made from plastic that’s come from plastic waste deposits in the ocean.
  • Guest toothbrushes are being switched from plastic to bamboo.
  • All to-go coffee cup lids are being switched from plastic to a hard card lid produced by Naeco.
  • EDITION is switching all single use plastic bathroom amenities to products made from recycled plastic (and we are still searching for non-plastic alternatives).

Here’s what we’ve already eliminated.

397000 Plastic Cups
20000 Plastic Lids
85000 “To Go” Items and Misc. Plastics
9000 Plastic Water Bottles.

Plastic Water Bottles And Projecting 118,000 by Year End


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